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Phil Sills Photographer

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Maltsmiths 6 Second Film

Beer Cinemagraph

Ice Cinemagraph

Wine Cinemagraph

Champagne Cinemagraph

Cocktail Cinemagraph

Paloma Ice Ball Cocktail - Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo - Ice Pops Stop Frame Animation

dCS Rossini

Making of Vivaldi - dCS

Bombay Star Utensils GIF

Lifestyle advertising and the digital marketplace is an increasingly competitive environment for getting your messages heard. This is why engaging content is crucial, and should include video and moving pictures as a priority within your marketing strategy.

I am a video and photography drinks and technology specialist, and I love a challenge! Moving pictures is the natural extension of my high quality photography, but with added eye-catching stuff on top. Shooting video, creating films or playing with animation creates many opportunities to provide you with fun visual digital content for use on your websites and social media platforms.

My moving image making is to the point, emotional and visually striking. It uses all the essential principles of composition and lighting. But then comes the truly liberating part – the experience of motion capture and creation that breathes life and sound into the work, making everything so much more tangible and real which resonates clearly and decisively with your target audience.

The recent explosion of social media marketing and digital media are essential for marketing brands and advertising products. High quality visual digital content is a fantastic vehicle for attracting attention online – like making a properly constructed film aimed at delivering an experience, or editing small looping video clips together that crystallize large ideas into manageable bite-size chunks.

And let’s not forget the humble but popular GIF, whose mad antics and repeating visual motion has never had greater popularity.

The brand story of a product is hugely important when engaging customers in your marketing activities. People like to buy into something, be a part of it. Stories told effectively and quickly, with a well scripted short film, can support layers of complex information about social interaction and life choices to quickly capture your customers’ attention. However, we all know this is getting harder. So video or animated content gives us that opportunity to grasp these small moments of precious time.

I love the fact that Moving Pictures are fun and engaging ways of showcasing products and communicating lifestyles to an audience in ways my beloved still image just cannot achieve – sad but true!


Being a video and photography drinks and technology specialist, making moving pictures is part of the many ways I can help you deliver and communicate your message … both memorably and with high impact. I create high quality, fun and engaging digital content perfect for social media marketing and all digital media requirements.

Moving pictures transforms a still image into one that’s vibrant and full of life, either through animating stills or shooting video. A proper film that started out as an idea on a storyboard, is then shot and edited to work across all social media and digital networks, is the most effective kind of content.

And what’s not to love about an animated looping Cinemagraph, or a crazy, impactful GIF? The messages are short, sweet and targeted.

My highly skilled production team will tailor make the perfect visual content specialised just for you. With so many variations on producing amusing or impactful digital content, either by video or stop frame animation techniques, your products will be memorable to all.

Need the impact of Moving Pictures in your marketing plan to boost your sales? Then please contact me today.