Why Drinks and Tech?

Posted on February 27, 2016

I believe, it’s the approach to these two fields, the in-depth planning and structure required to understand how something needs to be shot, that has hooked and retained my interest over the years.

To get the shots I want, I need to combine technical ability, with creative flare. I have to back this up with a fair load of high end kit, not to mention several layers of patience and often a bit of brow-mopping, to get me through a shoot.  It’s a challenge, but fun and infinitely rewarding. This leads me onto what I call my perfect moment. That point in time when everything comes together, and we capture that instant, where the drink or product suddenly springs to life in the lens. That moment may be when the ice is entering the liquid, or the splash is just arching round.  Maybe it’s that perfect light set-up, describing a product line and texture as superbly as possible.  It can also be the moment when we realise we’ve transformed something relatively normal into something extraordinary.  Drink and tech imagery provide me with these moments in my work life, and these flashes of fundamental excitement are generated purely and simply out of hard work. It’s the ultimate definition of job satisfaction.

My ultimate goal . . .

Well, that’s an interesting one isn’t it, as, like most of us, I have various core demands.  I’m looking to grow and develop my interest in the drinks and tech areas, I can see great potential and it requires concentration and persistence, but that’s fine, plenty of that in stock.

Naturally in our everyday lives, it’s often all too easy to get frustrated and feel the need to change everything instantly, when what in reality is needed are small shifts, incremental and purposeful.  My goal is to get more involved with people I work with, to actually get to know more about what they want and how they think, at the same time as they understand more about me and my work. Taking a step back, widening focus, for a more holistic approach will, I feel, not only help people I work for, but also bring me even more enjoyment. Because, as they say, work’s not work if you’re enjoying it!