Stills and Movies – photography and video alignment

Posted on May 11, 2018

What do you want? What do you really want?!

The reason I ask is that it’s a challenge for many image creators to truly know what clients are looking for, what they need. How do we maximise our potential and use our skills to provide the best service possible, whether with stills or movies?

The answer, I believe, is the integration of both moving pictures – video content – and photography into a smooth workflow. So, to help me solve this conundrum in true Sills style, I have rebranded myself as Stills and Movies. Toiling away under this mighty title, my ultimate goal is to make the transition between the two areas as seamless as I can.





There is, of course, a little fun and irony in the name Stills and Movies, which I hope you get! The slight exaggeration, though, has a purpose. It proves my aspirations are high when it comes to producing moving pictures and digital video content to fulfil my creative potential and, most importantly, as part of your business’s marketing strategy. After all, video content done well will deliver great returns!





So whilst shooting movies seems a little way off at the moment, what I can definitely do is to create the most epic and cinematique look and feel achievable with the time and budget I am given … even if it’s only five seconds long!  Even as I am writing this blog, I am involved in a great project that combines both photography and video content, proving that what I am saying works and is required.





Aligning moving pictures and photography stills is now my singularly most important mission. My photographic style is strong and identifiable, so it makes sense for my video content work to follow suit. If you want me to shoot both stills and video, then my visual strategies will be coordinated and the creative direction for both will be calibrated to fit with one another, even though the teams, kit and approach can be independent productions.

So, as I continue my journey under the waving banner of Stills and Movies, my opportunities and projects will be used to continue and develop the process of joining the two departments, forming a cohesive and nicely wrapped offering that bridges the divide, making my business rounded and whole.