Product Focus – Full On

Posted on March 11, 2019

You need full product focus when shooting objects. But I don’t mean setting your camera lens to a pinpoint sharp focus. I’m talking about mental focus. Luckily, my ability to focus is excellent – literally and figuratively!

There’s something very special about shooting products in my studio. I love the complete control that enclosed environment offers me. And it’s an escape from this random, crazy world! My bubble. It’s a safe haven where I can truly focus on my principles and visions. I inherently know how to photograph your product to bring it alive and desirable, and having that closed space helps to focus my mind to do just that. Focusing on its best features, bringing out the super shiny finish, lustre, shape and styling.

The results are satisfyingly crisp, detailed and flatteringly lit product photography. Images that are ideal for your website, advertising or social media.

All that focus and attention I’ve poured into it is as if there’s a part of me embedded in the final image, forever immortalised. Almost like a Horcrux!

feathers look like they are floating in the air, creating maximum product focus on the textures and shapes. A studio still by Phil Sills

Fixing memories

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that focus – utter concentration – fixes things into your memory. Such as during a Becks photo shoot, I had a bizarre conversation with a hand model. We were discussing how different finger positions communicate simple messages, like ‘hello’. Such a seemingly innocuous conversation, but my focus on that photo shoot – ensuring the hand holding a bottle of Becks did so just right – embedded it in my memory for ever.

Another photo shoot involved a stack of eggs…You can see where this is going!  To keep the structure strong, I had to superglue every egg together. My fear that if I broke the top egg I would have to start all over again firmly held my concentration! Luckily, the structure held. As has the memory, funnily enough.

Then there was a vegetable scarf shoot. Yes, a scarf made of vegetables! I was stuck up a rather high ladder looking down on a food stylist.  This time it was her job to be gluing vegetables down on to a scarf-shaped preformed shape. Vegetable positioning was crucial, and it took hours to get the design right before we could start taking photos. It was painstaking, but the end results were worth it! And guess what? I remember all of it!

clever drinks photography with product focus on an orange looking glass and a spoon refracting in the liquid by Phil Sills Photographer

How memorable is your product?

I’ve created so many great memories over the years by photographing drinks and technology products. But there’s room for plenty more! When you are as passionate about your work as I am, you cannot help but focus on what you’re doing. The outside world ceases to exist. This product focus helps me to create images of products that I’m proud of, and clients love. That’s why they come back to me time and time again.

So if you would like a bit of Phil Sills in your product photography, get in touch! Give me a call or drop me a line today!


Cheers for now.



Rear car door shot for product focus on the spare wheel shape and light by Phil Sills Photographer


Creative use of product focus with a hot water bottle in a studio photograph by Phil Sills