Photography and Design

Posted on March 28, 2019

I always get a frisson of joy when photographing technology products.

Why, you ask?

It’s all in the materials. I love different materials and textures! And shapes – simple shapes mainly. Whatever product springs to mind – whether a smart mobile device, a pair of sports shoes or an item of wearable and sports technology – they all have powerful design in common. When you think about it, almost everything on this planet has been designed! So with Technology products, photography and design are inextricably linked.

Designers of technology are clever people indeed. True craftsmen of their trade. From futuristic designs to simple elegance, strong designs are a pleasure to photograph. Curves are a thing to behold, in my opinion, and don’t get me started on textures! Plastics, metals, and even fabrics, all crafted together to perfection.

Getting all technical looking with photography and design at the fore at Wirth Research. Photography by Phil Sills



Shooting technology

When doing a photoshoot of clients’ products – like KEF or Bowers & Wilkins speakers, a Samsung smart watch, or a Playr wearable sports technology device – I’m loving the chance to appreciate their beauty. I relish the opportunity for my photography to truly show the material aesthetics of that product.

The consumer always sees the product first, either online or in store. For that reason, my images need to communicate them to be the best they are.

I feel consumers tend to look at design before considering any of the specification. So the onus is on me to make sure they look their best – to look as perfect as they really are! To look like you just know how they would feel if you were to touch them. My images relay the textures as well as their shapes. So that when the buyer touches the product in real life, they know the image did not lie.  My photography and design of the product must be one thing – inseparable.

Do you want images of your technology products to virtually feel as good as they look? If you need your product images to attract more customers, then give me a call or drop me a line today!


Cheers for now.

PhilAnother great Rolls Royce moment for dCS in photography and design with the Vivaldi. Phil Sills Photographer

Classic photography and design with the Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin audio product. Photography by Phil Sills

Classic photography and design with the Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin audio product. Photography by Phil Sills