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Posted on September 9, 2018


As a professional advertising photographer, I create work I am passionate about. Working with all kinds of clients, I help them find and communicate the raison d’être of their product.


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London studio advertising photographer Phil Sills



Being a friendly human being, I am a great fan of all things natural and real in this world.  Which is intriguing as my photography is at the polar opposite end of that spectrum, as you will discover!


In the early days, I fell in love with the darkroom and set about exploring weird and wonderful pictures – some great, some downright strange. The one common factor in all of them was my feeling for composition, and the dynamic use of shape and form.  


I have spent my whole working life pouring boundless energy and drive into photographing products, from the very macro all the way up to fantastically large ones, including Concorde. I spent many years shooting cars and learning the art of reflective lighting. Now, my primary focus lies with creating exciting and powerful Drinks, Liquids and Technology photography, forging ahead and becoming a specialist image creator in these areas.



Car audio technology photography_ B&W 805D3 speaker and BMW series 5 car_photographed by Phil Sills




studio drinks product photography, London, Advertising


No longer satisfied purely with the still image, my mission is to take everything I have learnt and blend that with the world of Moving Pictures.  Loving this area, the director in me enjoys producing digital content whether a video, cinemagraph or a short film perfect for social media marketing. The journey continues.







Some examples of my clients are Guinness, Tiger Beer, Lucozade, British Airways, Lexus, Lipton, Bombay Gin, Bowers and Wilkins, KEF, Diageo, Miller Beer, Suntory, Jaguar, Peugeot, Jose Cuervo, Heineken. . .


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