My Style and how it benefits clients

Posted on April 11, 2016

In my previous blog I established what my style is, and where it has come from. It is there naturally and in essence guides me when I make decisions.  However, how often can I really use it to its full potential and when do I have to get control over it?  Why should this ability help my clients?

To start with it is very important for my style to be recognised by the audience I am appealing to.  In theory, as long as I have done my job properly everything I put out into the ether will be communicating this opinion.  My on-line digital presence contains a portfolio that is the history of my working life. (As much as I want to show that is).  My drinks and technology images demonstrate clearly and visually how I like to take photographs.  The look and feel of my images are held together in this cohesive glue, and enable clients to see what they are buying into.  They know what to expect when commissioning me, as it has already been proven.

The real world of commercial photography is not so straightforward!  I work alongside people with their own opinions (style), and as part of a team I must be prepared to listen, and sometimes even override my feelings, and deliver what is required within the brief.  Working as a professional photographer has commercial binds that will naturally restrict my freedom.  My job to please the Art Director or client and shoot and produce exactly what has been ordered.  In some cases, many decisions have been made before the camera is lifted and I’ve taken a look.  It may be that occasionally I would personally shoot something in a different way to a brief, however my shooting style is still required.  I must still input and offer my opinion to the creative team.  How much of it that is used will be dictated by the requirements of the individual job.

I must always try to affect the image with my likes and tendencies because otherwise how can I ever judge whether I have been successful?  My commissioner expects a certain result based upon what she or he has seen.  I would hope that I would not be working for someone unless they had recognized the value of my work and felt that how I go about creating an image will benefit their product. Therefore every time I shoot I must allow my visual style to come forwards, to ally and join with the opinions of others.  This creates the perfect combination, delivers a successful outcome and happy days, we have a job well done.