Moving Pictures – A great medium for drinks advertising

Posted on October 25, 2018

I mentioned in an earlier blog about my love of the cinemagraph, its history, and how I use them in my work. So now I want to share a bit more with you about how we create our visually mesmerising moving pictures.

Transferring the visual look and feel from my stills photography to moving image is such an important part of what I achieve. One example is our six second social media film for Heineken’s Maltsmiths lager launch. On the face of it, it looks so simple, but a significant team of people from both the stills and moving image genres were needed to create this short and snappy piece. Capturing a perfectly timed spill of beer running down the glass was surprisingly complicated, needing a robotic camera control to repeat the same move many times over.  We were shooting for different beer and lighting plates that all got combined in post, so it really was quite a number!


philsills_stillsandmovies_maltsmiths - Moving Pictures


Now, watch this! Doesn’t it just make you crave a refreshing glass of … something?! Gin and Tonic for me, please, darling. (In November of course…) Jose Cuervo, shot on location, was a challenge purely with time as we were in and out in one day whilst needing to dress and prop the background – all with the bar actually being open to the public! Other moments of moving magic shown on my reel demonstrates how we can take a bottle of gin or glass of beer and mix movement with the style of a still photo that will tell a story far better than any written words can on just how good your drinks products can look.


philsills_stills and movies_lime and ice - Moving Pictures


philsills_stills and movies_showreel - Moving Pictures


See more of my moving pictures here, all showcasing fun and varied ways of creating moving pictures with drinks. What is most exciting is that there’s still so much more exploration and development to do. Would you like your drinks products to be a part of that?

To discuss your moving image drinks project, please get in touch. I’m more than happy to help.


Cheers for now.



philsills_stills and movies_Bombay Sapphire - Moving Pictures