Lifestyle Drinks with a Twist!

Posted on May 7, 2019

Salutation Friends!

My word how this year is flying by! The Easter bunny has been and is long gone and we are forging onto towards what is hopefully hoping to be an amazing sizzling hot summer.

Times are changing rapidly so I want to talk about how social changes are affecting and moving my work direction, specifically in regard to studio lifestyle drinks photography and how it is all getting mixed up with a little twist! (See what I did there??!!)

My experience over the last couple of years is that clients are, let’s be careful, less interested in what their product looks like in marketing material. It seems an absurd statement for me, a product photographer, to be making.

Of course they care! It is however not the focus any more. The actual product is not the point of the message, but merely a supporting partner to the much bigger picture – the customer and their journey. I am talking about the requirement for images that engage and interact with how the customer uses the product – their experience. It is much less “here it is” but much more “there it is”.

Does that make sense?

My basic job has always been to make products look amazing – a million bucks. What is interesting and having great impact on how I look at things is the shift from product to people. The holy grail for me now is to search out ways of photographing that traditional inanimate object and breathe life into it! Didn’t I use to do this? Sure, but not with such emphasis.

For me to create a lifestyle drinks image image and create a moment in time, a real situation takes a great deal of focus and sometimes a little bit of fun rule breaking. So now I am looking for even more unusual crops and even more diverse angles to shoot from.

lemon wedge garnish in gin and tonic looking fresh and thirst quenching with an outdoors lighting feel great for lifestyle drinks content

I also look for different lighting opportunities that will take the shot away from looking like its in the studio. Lifestyle drinks shots created this way can be used in background environments that hint at situations and places. The product is still hero however the image is tangible and accessible.

So hey, if you fancy engaging in a bit of fancy drinks with added lifestyle twist, I will be more than happy to chat.

Cheers for now