Informative and Creative Photography – The Pack Shot and the Conceptual Image

Posted on June 13, 2018


When it comes to work, do you really know who you are? What you are?


I’ve always understood the kind of photographer I am. Strangely, I am definitely both Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde when it comes to how I like to shoot an object. I easily cross over between something that gives basic and essential technical information to one that delivers a concept, an idea, something different and beautiful.

For both of these approaches, the result has to be something that not only I’m proud of, but one that meets the need of my client.



Inspiration, beauty, choice…

So why is this a good thing? Quite simply, it allows for more options. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like more choice!

This ability and flexibility works well for all, whether launching a new brand or wanting to re-challenge the audience for an existing established one.



For the new brand, engaging me to produce the first and most important set of imagery has two distinct levels. The informative pack shot is crucial in allowing the consumer to recognise what they will be buying. It has to look great, and the image has to be fit for purpose. Simple, beautiful and precise. Secondly, a new or existing brand requires inspirational and dynamic photography that will propel the product higher into the competitive market place in order to attract attention, to raise the standards, to be seen to be individual and aspirational. Not an easy task! This is where the conceptual image plays a big role.



To produce a great pack shot requires technical ability and exacting precision. The lighting needs to describe every line, every curve, every nuance. To create a stand-out conceptual image requires imagination and risk taking. It requires good interaction with the creatives to help deliver their vision. Indeed, conceptual image making is a fluid process of discovery.



Ultimately, my love is creating conceptual images, whilst my craft is in producing the perfect pack shot. Both are as equally important to me as they are to you, the client.




Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss how my product photography will help to sell your products!


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