He’s got style, a groovy style!

Posted on April 4, 2016

Well the penny has either dropped or not about where the title has come from – yes of course it’s Hong Kong Phoey!  If you have never watched it and fancy a giggle check it out here!

So this blog is about photography style.  Every photographer has one. It’s ingrained in us.  So where does it come from?

I think it evolves over time from the myriad of influences that we absorb from when we are learning our craft right up until the present day.  The early years of being part of this wonderful creative universe is very important in our creative and visual understanding.  When studying photography at college I started to look at artists, sculptors and photographers that at the time seemed randomly chosen.  These were the likes of Henry Moore, Brancusi, Barbara Hepworth, Bill Brandt, Nick Knight, Georgia O Keefe and Rene Magritte.   Now I am not sure they were ever random.  I think my unconscious deliberately chose these artists.  I think even an untrained eye if it is hungry enough will seek out what it likes.  “Out of chaos comes order”, thank you Nietzsche.  No one could tell me what was good or bad.  I had to find out myself what tickled my fancy, what made me go wow, or what just plain turned me off.  Over time these visual, creative moments of inspiration have gradually built up into something strong and personal.  This style that has been growing has now become my opinion, and I express this opinion through my work.

So what do I think is my photography style is?  That is a little bit harder to define, but here goes:

  • I prefer strong and tight compositions, this goes for singular or grouped objects.
  • My subject becomes the hero, the focus of the image. The rest of the composition must support it.
  • Images are clearer to me if there are fewer colours, or the palette is very complimentary throughout.
  • I also like a strong punch of colour or light to draw attention to a particular feature.
  • Well-crafted lines defining the products shape and important characteristics excite me.
  • Dynamic angles bring to life a product. If possible I like to think how an object can be looked at differently.
  • I do like the rule of thirds and I have a definite bend towards the diagonal as opposed the straight!
  • Simplicity is king as clutter makes my eyes tired.

These key points (plus more presumably hidden away in the depths) form my natural photographic instinct, and this tool shapes my imagery be knowing or otherwise.  Outside factors, normally linked with being in-business and working commercially naturally will affect my style and input, however it still amazes me how true to myself my images are.  As I get more experienced, so I can see more of me in my work.  I think that is a good thing too.