Gaining Savoir Faire through Experience and Teamwork

Posted on July 9, 2018



Wouldn’t it be great to be told you have savoir faire – the knowledge of knowing just what to do in any given situation.  Even if it does mean that you must be older in order to be wiser!


I have a feeling that I may be considered an experienced member of society! (What, no way, really? I am?!) My understanding of most situations and the knowledge required to use the right approach is rattling around in my head somewhere. All it needs is a catalyst to extract it.





Teamwork is key! And every photographic shoot I do involves teamwork from the offset.





My instincts, gained from years of experience, kick in from the moment I see the brief. Visualising many solutions, it’s important to talk through them with you, the client. It helps us to quickly align the best route for the best possible outcome. That’s where teamwork creates the production value.


When communication is good between the client, the team and me, everything falls into place.





Utilising many different proven techniques gained from years of practical working helps me fulfil my goal and achieve your target. Of course, this isn’t just about me. I need to make sure all members of my team are both happy with what they are producing and understand why I need something to be done.





I only work with experienced individuals who add value to what we are doing. Production on a shoot involves a network of interdependent decisions and actions. So it’s crucial that my assistants, model makers, drinks stylists, mixologists and prop stylists are people who I can trust to make the right call.





Experience and teamwork helps reduce the pressure and stress of a situation. My job is to take the burden of creating content off you, my clients’ shoulders. My team are there to support me to do that, in turn relieving my pressure (hopefully).


Why?  Because I need to have a clear mind to think about the important things … like lunch!





So, to savoir faire, I say a huge merci beaucoup and a very loud très bien!

Please get in touch to discuss how my savoir faire (at least when it comes to photography!) will help to sell your products. Salut!