Future Technology and Photography

Posted on December 5, 2018

Photography is intertwined with technology for many reasons. Not least because the cameras themselves are highly technical. But mainly because photographers like me take awesome images of technological products! When I think about future technology, I wonder where we’re headed and what amazing technology brands I’ll shoot in my London photography studio years from now.

The thought of what future technology may become both fills me with that tingling sense of anticipation and instils a fear of the great unknown. Will humans no longer be the dominant species? Will the machines take over? In the movies, there have been many attempts to visualise our obsession with that question. Films like Space Odyssey 2000, Lost in Space, War of the Worlds, Brave New World, Blade Runner.


Specialist Technology Photographer

What technology used to look like, how it is now and what future technology may become is a fascinating area for me. As a specialist Technology Photographer, I’m lucky to live in an age where product design has become super sexy, super sleek and deliciously tactile to behold. Think back just 30 years when technology looked no prettier than a brick! I struggle to imagine how hard it must have been to take a stylish photograph of an original Apple computer or a Motorola mobile phone – that really was a brick.


What would I buy for Christmas as a Technology Photographer and why?


The technology photographs I create nowadays springboard off smooth polished plastics and elegantly shaped metal surfaces. The products are precision built with machine lathed diamond cut designs, created with shape and form that are begging me to waft a beautiful light across them, bringing out all their glory. So nice, so gratifying.


Future Technology Photography

So, what will future technology photography look like in, say, another 30 years? My guess is that it will be virtual in many ways. I think we will be able to view product advertising in stunning three-dimensional holographic forms, interacting with virtual reality worlds, holding the products physically in our hands, turning them over, feeling the textures and hearing clear as crystal sounds. All while we sit in the comfort of our own homes. Wow! That is pretty exciting indeed, don’t you think?

The only question that remains for me is to wonder what the role of the technology photographer will be then…

Cheers for now.


What would I buy for Christmas as a Technology Photographer and why?


What would I buy for Christmas as a Technology Photographer and why?