Drinks Brand Photography… In a Big Way!

Posted on February 11, 2019

Drinks products have featured in my London photographic studio many times over the years. And this last shoot was a huge one!

Imagine having to shoot over 300 variables of seven different glasses and eight different drinks, with up to 10 different garnishes and supply over 700 final images to the client…It has been a tall order indeed.

Taking over a month to shoot the brief, this drinks brand photography took place at our studio throughout January. The retouching – well, that’s still on going.

Like all shoots, this job needed to be done perfectly, naturally. So, I gathered a dream team of trusted people around me to help me complete the task:

  • one photographer (me, of course!)
  • two assistants
  • one mixologist to ensure the drinks were set up and garnished to look their best
  • one retoucher (currently off the grid)
  • … and countless bags of fresh mint, lemons, limes and oranges. The aroma in the studio was you could say…refreshingly fruity!

Keeping track on the proceedings is essential – how many shots of each drink, which glass to use, what garnish combo etc. So, an online document was created listing every single shot required, tracking when the files had been shot, when sent to the retoucher, when work was started, and when the JPEGs were returned to me to check. Then after any amends we’d send them off to the client for review and final sign off. It was a slick process that has worked like a well-oiled machine!

Keeping the focus

Speaking of keeping on track, music helped us immensely to keep focused and entertained throughout the long drinks shoot. So we put together a studio drinks playlist. Anyone could add whatever they wanted … unless it was awful! The end result was an eclectic musical mix. Favourites included:


🎼  Charlotte Gainsbourg – Such A Remarkable Day

🎼  The Chemical Brothers – MAH

🎼  Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day


If you want me to share it with you just drop me a line!


Working like clockwork

Two words must be kept in mind when doing drinks brand photography (or any product photography) – ‘discipline’ and ‘consistency’. To produce one great shot is easy. But to produce hundreds, many of which are almost identical, is a challenge! A disciplined approach and specific digital shooting techniques were essential.

The timing was crucial. I became a fanatical clock watcher to keep the project bang on schedule, even using a stopwatch to monitor how long shots were taking. Sounds obsessive, but it worked!

This shoot is an ideal example of how to get the best results from studio drinks photography. All you need is the perfect team, strict organisation, focus on the minutiae details, and determination – all wrapped up in some banging music!

Got a product that needs that fine-tooth comb approach? Give me a call or drop me a line today!


Cheers for now.



blueberry garnish energy drink in round glass



Studio Drinks Brand Photography with Energy Drink and Garnish in Highball Glass


Red-Bull-Studio-Drinks Brand Photography_Phil-Sills



Red-Bull-Studio-Drinks Brand Photography_Phil-Sills


Red-Bull-Studio-Drinks Brand Photography_Phil-Sills