Creating Something New! Visual Brand Identity (VBI) – Part 2

Posted on June 13, 2019

Continued from Part 1.  

…Our amazingly talented and very patient producer had to consider:

  • when the hand model was to arrive
  • what the home Economist was to cook and how to prepare this (considering we do not even have a kitchen in the studio!)
  • what props were to arrive and when

And, not to be forgotten, make sure our two in-house retouchers (who were working flat out to keep up with us) were sticking to the deadlines.

Ouch!  My head hurts even thinking about it!

The big challenge was how to complete the extensive shoot-list, whilst still experimenting and exploring different ways of lighting. We had to review mid-shoot with the client so they could feedback which approach and look they preferred.

My learning and experience from this shoot was that as much as I could prepare to create finished polished work, I had to be flexible enough and understanding enough to go all the way back to the beginning of a shot so that we could tweak the result.  Bearing in mind this may not be the shot we were on anymore… yep, that hurts too!

Going round in circles asking questions and then jumping back a stage or two is not something we tend to do on a shoot. But when creating a Visual Brand Identity, it is most definitely part of the process.  Looking back, it was all great fun!

A little twist to the tale…

After the studio finals and Electrolux saw the results, it was decided that we would reproduce the new Visual Brand Identity under different conditions!

Off we flew to sunny Brussels to shoot in the Electrolux purpose-built new studio.

The set was constructed compartmentally, and size-wise offered much more in terms of materials and lighting opportunities.  We stuck to our agenda and reproduced faithfully our agreed direction of the VBI. Everything looked pretty cool!



It was a busy but gratifying couple of days.

Cheers for now!