Creating Something New! Visual Brand Identity (VBI) – Part 1

Posted on June 11, 2019

Creating something completely new is not an everyday occurrence!

Usually, for brief and style I’m given a set of parameters from an agency or client to work with – not this time!

I was asked to work with an agency to create a new photographic Visual Brand Identity (VBI) for Electrolux.

When I say I never knew how much went into this kind of project, that would be an understatement.

First, the agency had to analyse a range of technology brands and photography styles to establish “what” the client is looking for.

Then, they create a “target” or a visual mood board of sorts that describes exactly where the interest lies for the new direction.  I can only imagine how long this took, but after this lengthy process they finally got to talk to someone like me!

The essence of my role is to photographically explore the possibilities. To create options within the shoot that finally lead to an approved direction and set of finished images to form the basis of all future photography.

Wow, not an easy task!

Long story short, we were not shooting small products here… black ovens, a white fridge, a stainless-steel dishwasher and extractor fan, not to forget the gas and electric hob.

Beautiful modern designed products that had to show a hint of environment for context. Apart from the very obvious logistical issues of having five sets in my studio, I then considered the other moving parts.

This is where I have to level with you; to organise large shoots takes a particular type of brain, not the hunter-killer instinct of mine☺. But one that can handle many things all coming together at the same time!

Enter from stage left our producer to make sure everything happened when it needed to….

…To be continued in my next blog.

Cheers for now!