Cinemagraphs and why I love them so!

Posted on October 8, 2018

A cinemagraph is one single moment of time with movement added to it, created by combining a hi-resolution still image with a small video clip. In other words, it’s a crisply defined photograph – a perfectly captured moment – with a bit of movement added to a component of it. And, to my mind, it’s a stunning art form. It takes skilful editing to blend the two, as we all know video looks very different to an enhanced Photoshopped still image.

Cinemagraphs have only been around for six years or so, but on delving into the history of them, it seems that perhaps that mind-blowingly inspiring artist and musician, David Bowie, may have created the first cinemagraph back in the 1980’s – he really was a man way ahead of his time. Read here to find out more about how cinemagraphs came into creation.

I decided to have fun with this exciting genre of image creation by producing an antique-styled drinks series. To achieve that nostalgic look, I sourced props from around the world, gathering them over time. I wanted my images to look old, yet ageless.  They needed to be recognisable and exquisitely tangible like any great drinks image should be.



What’s immediately noticeable is that vintage glasses tend to be very small; it’s only in recent times that the drinking of alcohol has turned into a mass consumed product. In days of yore, drinking wine and even beer was something to be savoured. The drinks were stronger, but the portions were small!




So why am I so enthusiastic about cinemagraphs?

What’s not to love about them? Look at these amazing examples! Go on, take a peek. They’re awesome! Cinemagraphs grab the observer’s attention, holding it far longer than a still image does. Sometimes the subtlety of them means it takes a moment to see what’s moving, and that somehow makes the experience even more engaging.

For me, the challenge of being a visual creator in the two fields of moving pictures and stills is one to relish. Cinemagraphs are the perfect platform to demonstrate my skills in merging both genres.

And because I’m feeling generous today, here’s another beautiful selection of cinemagraph examples. So many great examples!

If you want your product photography enhanced with this amazing cinemagraphic experience, then please get in touch to discuss how we can make this work for you.


Cheers for now.