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Phil Sills Photographer

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I am a Video and Photography, Drinks and Technology Specialist. Wow, my parents will be proud! In the age of social media marketing and other digital media requirements my approach to work needs to be flexible, creative and of course 100% professional at all times.  I have tried in my blog articles to share some of the achievements that have been part of the journey spanning my career as an image creator.

The content of my blogs are mostly driven by the style of images I like to create and what inspires me. I have loved shooting liquid or technology products from the very beginning and so the focus I have now is the distillation of that experience and passion, the wonders of shape, materials and textures, still or moving.

So, I hope you can take a dip through my history and have a peek at the outstanding technology products from the likes of Bowers and Wilkins or dCS, shot either in the studio exploring beautiful lines of light or on location where the products have a presence, a power and a place.  Having had the pleasure of photographing drinks with great brands such as Lipton, Bombay, Tiger Beer and Lucozade, opportunities have arisen for some fun little forays with Behind The Scenes footage showing teasing glimpses of busy intricate lighting set ups interlaced with a few comedy moments!  My most recent blog articles have and will continue to explore my interest in the world of Moving Pictures, shooting drinks video and creating films, Cinemagraphs, GIF’s and stop frame animation. Developing this, and more, alongside existing advertising stills photography will be the cornerstone of my new business and future.  I hope you find something of interest here, and if you do, please feel free to let me know!