Brand Tastic! – The Lifestyle Story & Me!

Posted on May 24, 2019

We all have our favourite brands.

I am amused by how just how different our likes and preferences are even when talking between friends and family. But that’s great isn’t it!

This is the reason why so many brands can co-exist together. Every brand constantly communicates and projects its benefits and enjoyment that its products can bring to your life. It is my belief that it is essential for me as a creative image producer to be very aware of each brands core message and use my humble photographic skills to help perpetuate these ideas and the lifestyle story.

Looking at a Stella chalice glass from a low angle with beer swirling around with sunlight breaking through the drink creating a great lifestyle story

And Brands do love stories!

Stories strike up an emotional connection.

Recent experiences of Brands and stories for me are with Lucozade and a little Island where some fresh and saucy goings on create a whole universe their product can be part of.

Guinness, of course, has an amazing lifestyle story. It doesn’t matter how old you are, that feeling of history, power and depth of product what it stands for is always there – all mashed up with bags of coolness.

What about Carlsberg? For a long time it has been telling us this story about how probably it’s the best lager in the world. I think it is safe to say we all knew that this was not true! But it made a great story. Now, they are telling us it wasn’t but try the new one – awesome! Here they go again!

So how do I fit in?

How can I help Brands achieve their ambitions?

Firstly, my photography must be personable and inviting to the viewer. Quality of execution is always high up on my agenda however I now need to add in a sense of casualness! That capture of a moment in time is really important now. Old photographic rules are going out the window and now I am allowed to seek more exciting and carefree ways of showing emotion and feeling – yes, even with a product!

Change and growth are all good and positive events in people’s lives and these challenges to me are most welcome. Whether I will be photographing my next campaign on my mobile is yet to be seen, however what I do know is that it really doesn’t matter! It’s the message and the lifestyle story that does.

Cheers for now