Boilermaker challenge – use a glass that doesn’t exist!

Posted on September 9, 2015

Williams Murray Hamm came to me last minute on a project for Boilermaker, the unique new beer by Tuborg.  The drink was to be launched in Russia this summer. Naturally there were a couple of challenges to keep us on our toes. A real boiler room would be dark and dirty, therefore we had to recreate that environment.  Then – a specific glass was required for the shoot – one that did not exist 🙂

Our solutions:

We got a stylist on the case to find a suitable background – something metallic and non perfect with a slightly dull finish.  A glass, as close to the brief’s dimensions and style as we could find, was hunted down. 3D computer rendering then finished off the base of the glass. Lastly a black wooden surface with texture was created by a model maker.

Fast turn around, quick thinking and a hard days shoot pulled it all together…I hope it tastes as good as it looks!