Behind the Scenes with Phil Sills – Drinks and Technology Photography

Posted on August 10, 2018


Be afraid, be very afraid!” as immortalised in Cronenberg’s ‘The Fly’. But my fear was of BTS (Behind the Scenes), not a giant insect! The thought of showing who I am, what I do, and my photography techniques seemed like giving away my darkest secrets. Then it hit me – BTS is a perfect opportunity to show prospective clients what I can do for them!


I want you to know me before we’ve exchanged that first email. I need you to have confidence in me before we’ve even spoken.


Needing to do the opposite of what my fear is telling me, I’m embracing my inner me and showing you what it’s really like behind the scenes. I’m demonstrating how we focus on capturing that perfect technology shot of a cool new gadget, or creating videos showing a tantalising taste of a drinks product.


Now, we shoot BTS whenever possible on a shoot. Sometimes, when pushed for time and lacking in spare hands, this can be hard. But we do what we can to provide short, informative clips to give you an insight into our lives – the lighting, the vast amounts of photographic equipment involved, and people behind the scenes. 


It doesn’t always go to plan! Things can hit the proverbial fan from time to time, creating The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. And occasionally we capture it on our BTS! On the rare occasions that it’s really bad, those BTS clips are binned! But I love sharing the funny stuff with you.  


Some great moments in movies BTS can be found here.


Do please have a peek at a couple of serious clips that demonstrate our product photography prowess, and then enjoy a giggle at our expense with the third outtakes one. And then get in touch so that we can discuss how we can include your products in our BTS clips!








Cheers for now.