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Phil Sills Photographer

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Photographing audio technology products and FMCG like MP3 players, headphones and streaming devices, speakers, cars, computers, or even circuit boards, is a particular joy of mine. It’s all in the lighting – light loves technology!

The increasingly sleek and contemporary designs of technology products have huge visual impact, both in reality – strategically positioned in your home or workplace – and in my photographs. From luxurious wooden veneers to bold metallic forms and everything in between, my photographic techniques bring out every little nuance and detail, showing the true quality of your brand. I always ensure that the resulting images communicate the textures of the product materials used, so much so that the picture looks like you can feel the texture simply by touching the image. My photography and lighting techniques always enhance the shape, curves and lines of your product, making it highly desirable to your customers.

Whether you are a product designer or manufacturer, or their advertising and marketing agency, you will find that my high quality digital techniques and specialist lighting set ups will perfectly project your products characteristics. Depending on how you wish to portray its use, we can shoot on location for a true lifestyle result, or draw on our huge experience in the London studio.

All photographic shoots are carefully planned, controlled and executed. Whether your image is conceptual for an advertising campaign, or a beautiful product shot for packaging, you can be assured of exceptional results. My focus on detail and use of high quality working practices have all been used to great success over the years, particularly for my clients Bowers & Wilkins and dCS.

If you would like the Phil Sills Photography experience on your audio technology products, bringing them to life in a way that will capture your customers’ attention and create more sales, then please contact me today.

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