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Phil Sills Photographer

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Jo Malone Loves Perfume bottle

Still life and Cars in advertising photography in the studio was one of my earliest passions before drinks and technology photography took a strong hold. Objects were, and still are, my ‘thing’. Finding different interpretations and perspectives on a product is exciting; I love looking closely and carefully at shapes, lines and textures; simply using a different lighting approach can create unique photographic angles, really highlighting the product brand. My approach is influenced by various revered artists who have helped shape my opinions over the years. Please have a read about this in my ‘He’s Got Style, a Groovy Style!’ blog.

Size doesn’t matter! Whatever the size of the object – from jewellery and household products right up to airplanes – it can be photographed either in the London studio or out on location. For me, part of the pleasure of photographing products is helping to build and reinforce the client’s brand values. Frequently engaging with advertising and marketing agencies across the UK and abroad, I have worked with many clients including British Airways, Microsoft and Samsung, amongst others.

Car photography was always a natural progression for me. Hours, days and weeks were spent in car studios for clients such as Lexus, Volkswagen and Ford, where I used high quality digital shooting techniques combined with my knowledge of product lighting. I love how photography briefs tend to merge my technology photography skills with my creative advertising experience, tackling challenging angles and compositions.

For examples of my still life gallery click here, and for the cars click here!

My current online folio is a result of endless hours of huge amounts of focus and concentration, toiling with developing ideas and perfecting techniques. This blood, sweat and tears from shooting Still Life and Cars has earned me a reputation as a product photographer who produces high quality results in glorious fine detail. I would love to do this for you too! So if you would like the Phil Sills Photography experience on your products, bringing them to life in a way that will capture your customers’ attention and create more sales, then please contact me today.

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