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Phil Sills Photographer

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About Me Phil Sills - London Photographer_Drinks and liquids, audio technology

About Me

From the very early days of manipulating black and white prints in a darkroom, I realised my love of life, the thing that constantly enriches and feeds my passion and purpose is in the creation of images. From large format film cameras, my career has matured into a technological and digital future of opportunity. Photography and Video production is full of challenges and surprises, yet this is exactly what keeps everything moving forwards. This constant progression creates the energy and imagination necessary to generate dynamic and beautiful work I can be proud of.

As a specialist London based advertising photographer and director, my passion is in creating professional, inspired and luxurious images. From a close-up shot of amber whisky as it swirls in the glass, the graphic lines of a speaker to the sumptuous delights of a metallic tweeter grille in a car interior. Whatever the subject, I look for that different angle to capture and produce engaging digital content.  Eye-catching, energized images that sell the product for you. Based from my London studio, I am equally at home working under the studio lights or going on location to shoot products live in situ. My advertising specialism focuses on drinks and liquid products, as well as high end luxury audio technology brands. I have a lively hyper-real style that brings your object to life, whether the image is conceptual or a perfect product pack shot.

Each photographic commission can be wrapped up as a neat bundle of elements and layers for you to use in your own studio or marketing department, or I can add the final layer of gloss for you with the help of my network of highly skilled digital retouchers to deliver the final image. Likewise for my directing and moving pictures I have a highly talented team, so taking a production from the initial shooting of video through to conclusion of grading and editing is our pleasure. My current portfolio of stills is built from my love of detailed technical photography involving high quality digital camera techniques and specialist lighting set ups. I love the control and planning that goes hand in hand with liaising closely with quality drinks brands and technology manufacturers. The moving picture showreel and gallery will always represent my latest work in video digital media content creation that will grow and develop alongside the industry.

Working with advertising and marketing agencies, as well as direct with clients and manufacturers, I solve visual problems to help you achieve the best results. I get the commission, you sell more products – everyone’s happy!

A little more About me

Early in my career I was given the opportunity to photograph Concorde. I was so honoured and thrilled to photograph a plane of such historic importance that it still sticks in my mind as my favourite shoot. Read my experience and see the pictures here.

  • My first 7” single was ‘The Only Way is Up’ by Yazz. Slightly embarrassing!
  • I won a silver medal diving at Crystal Palace back when I didn’t think twice about diving backwards off the top board. Don’t ask me to do it now though!
  • I can play the trumpet and was particularly good at the post horn. So if I had to have a second career choice it would be a jazz musician … nice (if you don’t get that, you need to click on the link)!

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