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Phil Sills Photographer

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Is your imagery telling the right story about your brand?

We all know that the best luxury brands are masters at making people feel good about their products. More subtle than just making the product look amazing, top brands create desire by telling a story that puts their ideal customer right at the centre. And, obviously, the imagery plays a huge part in getting that story right.

Getting it right is so much more than presenting a slick shot (yes, even if it is in black and white).

I’m Phil Sills and I’ve been a specialist tech and drinks photographer for three decades. In that time I’ve worked for the world’s leading brands and helped them shape their visual messages. Seriously, after working with brands like Guinness, Bombay Gin, Jaguar and British Airways, there’s not a lot I don’t know about how to create a desire to buy through imagery.

Everything about the shot must be right – the composition, lighting, texture, colour, focus – all of it has to be planned and the result of a deliberate decision. And each shot needs to be consistent – from your main website and brochure images to those fun pics you put on your company’s Instagram.

But you can’t just emulate another brand because all you’ll do is strengthen someone else’s message. To stand out you have to create your own look, your own identity. And that (as you can probably tell) is what I do. You can also probably tell that I‘m passionate about it!

Every gripping story has a solid beginning

When you hire me, you get much more than just a bunch photos and videos. You get photos and videos that are bang on message and present your products the way they should be seen. And you won’t have to waste time trawling through hundreds of shots to pick the few that you like. I do the heavy lifting and present you with a select range of images that tell the right brand story.

Starting from your vision of where you want to take your brand, we’ll work together to create a unique look and feel that makes your customers want to be part of your story. And once your ideal customer wants to be part of what you offer – well, the selling part is easy.

Ready to create your brand story? Call me.